In 2018, the General Assembly passed Act 44 mandating the establishment and use of the “Safe2Say Something” (S2SS) anonymous reporting system by every Pennsylvania school entity by January 14, 2019

S2SS是一个拯救生命和改变学校安全的项目,教给学生, 教育工作者, and administrators how: (1) to recognize the signs and signals of individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others and (2) to anonymously report this information through the S2SS app, website, 或24/7危机中心热线. The following provides an overview of how the program works and will be implemented in schools:

1. A tip is submitted via mobile app, website, or by calling the PA based 24/7 Crisis Center
2. The tip is then triaged by the Crisis Center to gather enough information to act on it
3. 小费会送到受影响的学校,然后, 根据需要, 当地执法部门通过911县调度台
4. The school and, 根据需要, local law enforcement assess and intervene with the at-risk individual 5. The school then closes out the tip and reports actions taken as a record for their school

• The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) has established S2SS and will manage and maintain the program. The OAG, 与匿名举报系统的领导者Sandy Hook Promise合作, 是在构建应用程序吗, 网站和pa的24/7危机中心平台.

• OAG Crisis Center analysts are being trained to receive and triage tips to: (1) ensure there is enough information to act upon, (2)与举报人进行双向匿名对话,收集缺失信息, (3) categorize the tip into life-safety or non-life safety for ease of prioritization by recipients, (4)给受影响的学校和, 在需要的地方, 通过911县调度台联系当地执法部门.

•S2SS平台允许官方用户(危机中心分析师, school entities and 911 County Dispatch) to view and act against tips using their PC or mobile device. 另外, the platform allows for real-time 2-way dialog with a tipster and the viewing and sharing of attachments (such as screen shots and videos) that a tipster has submitted. 该平台允许官方用户在每个提示上进行交流, allowing for up to the second information sharing and action that all see and read at the same time – as one of the MOST critical pieces of information needed for a life safety issue is a child’s address. This address must be passed to 911 Dispatch to pass to the local jurisdiction to act upon. 这种交换可以在几秒钟内帮助更快地采取行动拯救生命.

•A区, 特许学校, 网络特许学校, 私立学校, 非公开学校, 中介单位, and/or area vocational-technical school must have an assigned S2SS Lead to coordinate the establishment and training of a 3- 5 member team who will have the responsibility to receive and act upon tips. 另外, the team will help maintain and sustain S2SS long-term in partnership with Sandy Hook Promise local coordinators, 谁将反过来支持S2SS领导的努力. S2SS领导的培训是3小时,而团队成员需要2小时. Both require a minimum of 30 minutes of un-interrupted practice time to learn the system ... 45分钟,如果你在技术上有困难的话.

• County-based 911 dispatches must have an assigned S2SS Lead to coordinate the setup and training of their personnel to action against life safety tips. 调度员将使用S2SS平台查看该提示并对其采取行动, 与举报人进行双向对话, 与学校团队沟通, 根据线索,向当地警方报案. Training of S2SS Leads takes 2 hours and is delivered by external experts and requires a minimum of 30 minutes of un-interrupted practice time. Dispatch team / personnel training will take 2 hours, including 30 minutes of practice time.

• At the conclusion of school and police investigation and intervention (根据需要), 所有小费将由学校工作人员关闭. 区, 特许学校, 网络特许学校, 私立学校, 非公开的学校, 中介单位, 然后,地区职业技术学校可以运行报告来分析这些类型, times, etc. 收到的举报及, 随着时间的推移, 查看趋势,以展示正在发生变化或需要变化的地方.

•学生, 教育工作者和管理人员有机会在1月14日之后接受培训, 2019 to recognize the signs and signals of individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others along with how to use the S2SS anonymous reporting system to submit tips of the signs and signals they observe. 培训时间为1小时,并将通过互动培训视频提供, the downloading of materials to self-lead and/or direct S2SS certified trainers (where availability exists).

• S2SS will be sustained via support by Sandy Hook Promise’s School Outreach Coordinator, 校内宣传材料(免费), 对新入班学生和教育工作者/管理人员进行年度培训, and, 批判性的, establishment of in-school student clubs (existing or new clubs) to empower students to create sustained change.

•S2SS将于1月14日启动, 2019 – therefore trainings for school and dispatch officials will take place in December, 然后是一个全州范围的测试,以确保所有人都准备好了. Finally, 学生们将接受培训(从1月14日开始),因为“一旦你接受培训, 你是直播的,学生们会开始提交建议。”.

• As reference – The OAG has partnered with Sandy Hook Promise (SHP) to rollout the S2SS program. SHP is a national non-profit committed to creating safe schools and communities through their four evidenced-based Know the Signs intervention programs. To date, SHP已经向10个国家交付了项目,000+ schools and trained 5+ million youth and adults in every state resulting in countless suicide, 校园枪击案,枪支威胁干预以及无数的欺凌行为, 药物使用和其他暴力行为及伤害干预措施




Safe2Say Something is school safety program designed to save lives and support students.  Safe2Say系统是一种匿名的方式,你可以向你的学校提交小费. 你不需要分享你的名字,电话号码或任何东西,除非你想.

任何让你不舒服的事情.  这将取决于你的学校决定下一步是什么. 你认为有人会伤害自己吗? 你有没有在网上看到一些让你担心的可怕的东西? 提交这类东西.

Safe2Say Something is the easiest way to let someone know that there is a problem and let them handle it. 最棒的是,他们永远不会知道是谁提交的. 就是这么简单.


更多信息请访问- http://www.safe2saypa.org/


The Safe2Say Something system teaches youth and adults how to recognize warning signs and signals, 尤其是在社交媒体中, 可能对自己或他人构成威胁的人说些什么, 使用我们的匿名举报系统, 趁现在还来得及.  Safe2Say Something计划对PA中学来说不是可选的.  The school will provide age appropriate training to students on how to access the system and submit a tip.

查看信息 关于Safe2Say项目的演讲.


更多信息请访问- http://www.safe2saypa.org/


FAQs & 资源

Safe2Say Something网站 http://www.safe2saypa.org/

Safe2Say Something信息手册



  • The Safe2Say Something program is state mandated by Act 44 of 2018 and requires all K-12 schools, 学区, 特许学校, 私立学校, 网络特许学校, 私立学校, 非公开的学校, 中间单元, 和在宾夕法尼亚州经营的地区职业技术学校参加.


  • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is funding the Crisis Center and its operations through Office of Attorney General and Sandy Hook Promise is funding training and education. 这对学校实体没有成本, 派遣和/或个人下载和使用该程序. Finally, it will also include awareness materials and any guides for in-school student clubs to sustain the program within each and every participating school in the state.

如何在App store中找到S2SS App?

  • The app and website will be available for students to download and use on January 14, 2019. 这款应用将适用于苹果和安卓手机.